Who Is Sweet Serenity Homes?

Sweet Serenity Homes, LLC was established in 2014. Business owner, Marilyn Knight has been a proponent of using the services of a housekeeper for many years. Not because she didn’t know how to clean house, but rather, she would prefer to spend her time doing other things. As years went by, conversations among friends seemed to frequently move toward questions like “Who is your housekeeper now?”, “Does she do a good job?” Is she reliable?” and so forth…..you understand the scene. You think you find someone you like, then she wants to bring her grandkids to work; or has to take off in the middle of the job to do an errand; shows up late, dressed in sweats and bedroom slippers, no makeup and her hair unkept; or maybe she just didn’t feel like coming to work at all.

After giving this much thought, Marilyn started doing research into starting a housekeeping business. And in so doing she discovered the idea of team cleaning. This is not a new concept, but there was no one in Garden City that had taken on the task of a professional team housekeeping business. The idea was amazing, if for no other reason than the fact that a 6- hour cleaning job would only take a team of four, 1 ½ hours. Voila…and my house is clean! I didn’t have to take off the entire day.

After several long months of research, legal paperwork, insurance paperwork, writing training manuals, testing products and equipment and of course interviewing applicants for the task at hand, Sweet Serenity Homes became official.

Hiring the right employees for the job was and still is the most important part of the business. They must be sharp, have a good attitude, work well in a team environment, and treat clients with absolute respect.

Sweet Serenity Homes has done the research and continues to learn about new flooring products, countertops, sinks, etc. They make an effort to learn the best procedures and supplies for the continued maintenance of their clients’ homes and businesses. They take the time to train each member in all areas of the cleaning cycle.

Sweet Serenity Homes is a locally-owned business. Simply put, they offer a fresh, new idea for your residential cleaning needs. Let their professionally trained staff turn your home into your oasis.