Sweet Serenity Homes 4 Cleaning Tips

Sweet Serenity Homes 4 Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is the one household task that often becomes less of a priority when life gets busy, and a messy home only gets worse the longer it sits and piles up. If you’re stressing your mess, call Sweet Serenity Homes to help you reclaim your space. Our residential cleaning services have been helping busy families, business owners, and local senior citizens in Garden City, Kansas, since 2014. Once we’ve cleaned your home, you can follow these four cleaning tips to keep it looking great!

Woman dusting

Pick One Task

Cleaning one room until it shines is great for the one room, but what about the rest of the house? Start focusing on one task that can be applied to the whole house to clean more effectively. So instead of cleaning the kitchen windows, counters, and floors, you’ll start by cleaning all the windows in the house, then all the surfaces, then all the floors.

Cluttered living space

Clear the Clutter

Clutter can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed, which is the last thing you need after a long day of work. Start taking care of clutter items like mail, trash, and old food as they come to your attention. Getting rid of the clutter first will help make cleaning easier and more effective.

Vacuum cleaner on carpet

Empty Out Your Vacuum Regularly

If it seems like your vacuum isn’t picking up dirt quite as well as it used to, try cleaning it out! As dirt builds up in the vacuum, it starts to clog the filter, making suction less effective. You should empty out the vacuum bin after every use, or after each room, if you have furry pets.

Brush and gloves in a sink

Don’t Forget to Routinely Wash Your Cleaning Tools

If you’re trying to clean with dirty cleaning tools, then you’re really just pushing the dirt around rather than picking it up. After a full day of cleaning, take your brushes, bristles, and mop heads to the sink and wash each one with hot water and soap. Then let them dry completely in an area with good air circulation before putting them back in their dark cupboards where the moisture could promote bacteria growth.

When the dirt and clutter start to pile up, don’t wait and let it impact your mental health. Call Sweet Serenity Homes in Garden City, Kansas, to help you get the mess back under control. With eight years of experience, you can trust us with your home cleaning. Contact us today.

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