4 Things in Your Kitchen That Need a Good Cleaning

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4 Things in Your Kitchen That Need a Good Cleaning

Whether your kitchen is big or tiny, owned or rented, it's still one of the most important parts of your home as it's where you make different meals for yourself and your family. Seeing as it's a huge contributor to your health and hygiene, it's only essential that you keep your kitchen clean. And why you may do so often, there are some spots and equipment you're likely to miss when cleaning your kitchen. Here are four things in your kitchen that need a good cleaning.

Image of a kitchen trash can

Inside Trash Cans

Trash bags are breeding grounds for insects and bacteria that cause odors and increase the chances of your food and kitchen environment being unhealthy. However, dirt, spoiled food, and other wastes can leak from your trash bag into the cans making the cans susceptible to bacteria, odors, and insects as well. Cleaning the inside of your trash cans helps keep these bacteria and insects at bay, thereby eliminating odor and improving your hygiene.

Image of stove in a kitchen

Clean Behind Your Stove

Everything from dust and crumbs to rotten food and insects is bound to be at the back of your stove. It’s important that you clean behind your stove thoroughly to remove these elements. Dampness is another factor you want to remove from the back of your stove as it can enhance the growth of mold, which in turn increases the risk of allergies. You need to clean behind your stove at least twice a year to help reduce the risk of allergies and the occurrence of pests and insects.

Image of a refrigerator

Clean Behind the Refrigerator

The back of your refrigerator is another spot that accumulates dust, moisture, and food bits, thereby making it susceptible to the growth of mold and allergy triggers. Also, when dirt, grime, and dust are stuck to your fridge’s condenser coils, the compressor consumes more power while providing you with minimal refrigerating results.

It's recommended that you clean the back of your refrigerator at least once in three months to minimize dust buildup, allergies, pests, and improve the efficiency of your appliance.

Image of brushes next to a sink

Clean Your Dish Brushes

The dish brush isn't one of the top kitchen equipment many people think about when performing residential cleaning for their kitchens. If you own a dish brush with a wooden handle, mix a drop of dish soap and some distilled white vinegar and soak your dish brush in for an hour.

On the other hand, if your dish brush has no wooden handle, simply run the brush through your dishwasher and you're good to go. Make sure you remove all food chunks before trying these solutions.

Deep cleaning a kitchen is a task that requires excellent residential cleaning experience, time, and dedication to get it right. Many people don't get to the spots mentioned above when cleaning their kitchens. That is why it's important that you employ the services of a reputable house cleaning company like Sweet Serenity Homes in Garden City, KS. We will clean your kitchen and help you organize your home.

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