What is meant by “average clean standard?” How do I keep my home up to average clean standard between housekeeping appointments?

In the professional residential cleaning industry, the phrase “average clean standard” refers to the overall condition of your home. Keeping your home up to average clean standard involves:

  • Keeping the kitchen counters cleared of dirty dishes and clutter.
  • Regularly gathering children’s toys and pet toys to a designated area.
  • Keeping newspapers, magazines, and mail in an organized fashion.
  • Putting clean clothes in drawers and/or on hangers in closets. Dirty laundry goes into the hamper, not on the floor.
  • Draping wet towels are draped over racks to dry, not on the floor or furniture.
  • Keeping shoes inside closets.
  • Regularly cleaning toilets.
  • Keeping floors free of trash or sticky debris.